Initial Consultation  £25

During the Initial Consultation I will carry out a simple assessment to find out what your needs are and how we can best support you. A brief health history is carried out  to ensure I can provide you with a tailored treatment plan and a suggested time frame for future sessions. I then explain in simple terms how the brain works which will, from this first session, allow you to see how you can regain control and find you again. You will also receive a free CD or MP3 worth up to £15 to take away with you on the day. I will also thoroughly explain the treatment process and what to expect from future sessions. (Approximately 50 minutes)

Subsequent Hypnotherapy sessions  £60

Further sessions are tailored to suit your needs and are a blend of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. The aim of these sessions is to further help you understand how the brain works in relation to your health needs, and to create a positive path or a 'road map' to bring about long-lasting changes. The number of sessions needed varies from client to client and this will be discussed during the Initial Consultation. (Approximately 50 minutes) 

Subsequent sessions for under 16s  £45

These sessions run in exactly the same way as outlined above, but with a 25% discount available for clients under the age of 16. (Approximately 50 minutes) 

Stopping Smoking  £150

This is an intense, up to 2 hour session, which incorporates preparation (to enable me to tailor the session to your particular circumstances), psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. You will also receive a CD or MP3 download to take away with you to reinforce the positive messages that you take away from the session. (Up to 120 minutes)

Phobia sessions  £185

A course of treatment for a phobia would include the Initial Consultation and three subsequent Hypnotherapy sessions. These are available at a special rate of £185 for all four sessions. You will also receive a CD or MP3 download as part of the Initial Consultation. (Approximately 50 minutes per session)

Appointments are available online worldwide

Appointment Hours

Monday  9am - 8pm

Tuesday  closed

Wednesday 9am - 8pm

Thursday  9am - 8pm

Friday  9am - 8pm

Saturday  10am - 2pm

Sunday  closed

Payment methods

Please note that payment for an Initial Consultation or Hypnotherapy session usually takes place at the end of each session. For the Stopping Smoking session, payment is required at the start of the session. Payment can be made via BACS for online sessions. For face to face sessions I accept BACS, credit/debit cards or cash.  

Sessions cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will carry a 50% cancellation fee.

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