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Initial Consultation

During the Initial Consultation we spend some time at the beginning exploring the reasons why you are seeking hypnotherapy and how you would like it to help you. This is the only time that we talk about the past and how it might have affected you and allows me to understand your needs.

Following this I then take some basic information from you. Based on my assessment I talk to you about the workings of the brain; giving you an insight as to why you are suffering the way that you are, and what we can do about it to help you move forwards. During this part of the process, clients usually experience a real connection, a light bulb moment, and can see how Solution Focused Therapy can help them.

I then talk about our use of trance during hypnotherapy sessions and how it is a very ordinary state that we find ourselves in several times a day.

Throughout the process I would ensure that you understand each step and we would discuss your commitment, including an agreed approximate number of sessions you would need, in order to get you feeling like you again. I also give you access to my relaxation recording, either as a CD or an MP3 to download onto whichever device you wanted.

The session will last approximately 50 minutes. At this point you can decide whether or not you wish to proceed with the treatment process. 

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Subsequent sessions

Subsequent sessions will follow a similar format, being made up of a combination of positive communication, related neuroscience and research and relaxation using hypnotic trance.

As we are solution focused, we focus only on the positive elements in your life. We discuss positive aspects of your week; what has been good or what has made you smile. We then identify your progress towards your ultimate goal and allow you to focus on the smaller steps that will allow you to get there. This will last approximately 25 minutes and incorporates related neuroscience and research to help you further understand how the brain works and what you can do to feel like you again.

I will then guide you through the use of certain language patterns and metaphors, to relax and envisage this positive future that you are creating for yourself. You will feel relaxed, refreshed and ready to move forward with calmness and clarity. This element of the session will last approximately 25 minutes.

We recommend weekly sessions where possible to maximise progress however it is recognised that this might not always be possible. Please contact me to discuss your circumstances and I will do everything I can to accommodate your needs. 

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