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Take a look at some of our client testimonials...

Please note: all of these testimonials are from genuine clients. Some identifying features such as surnames have been removed in order to protect client confidentiality. ​



Lynda is a very professional, positive and kind lady. I immediately felt relaxed and in extremely good hands as she guided me through a better understanding of my own mind. I now am able to put into action positive steps to help keep myself balanced and understand how to cope when things start to feel out of my control. I am sleeping better, feel re charged each day and able to cope with life’s up and downs in a much more consistent way. Thank you Lynda!

Caroline, Leeds


Would highly recommend Lynda. I had hypnotherapy sessions to build my confidence at work . The sessions really helped me to have a positive mindset, to have the confidence to assert myself and feel happier in the workplace. Thank you Lynda.

Louise, Leeds


This time 6 months ago, I was in a very dark place. After a turbulent few months, my confidence was at an all time low and I was struggling to find the joy in life. I underwent hypnotherapy with Lynda and I looked forward to our weekly sessions and the chance to relax and escape my daily struggles. As our sessions progressed, I slowly regained my confidence and daily life became less of a struggle. I am now loving life again, both professionally (I have a new job which I am loving and which I secured during my treatment) and personally and still use some of the techniques Lynda introduced me to. It was a fabulous experience and I know where I'll be going if I need help again - Thank you Lynda!!

Helen - West Yorkshire


With Lynda's expert and professional knowledge, she has turned me around in ways I never thought possible. She gave me so much caring help, kindness and understanding to get myself into a much better state of mind. Now I have so much hope for the future. I highly recommend Lynda.

Roger - Otley, West Yorkshire


Lynda is extremely kind, professional and helpful. Lynda taught me some brilliant techniques to help with my mental health and things I can take away with me for life. Each week, Lynda helped me to become more positive in my mindset, to understand how the brain works and why we react in certain ways. I would definitely recommend Lynda for anyone wanting to try Hypnotherapy and also general relaxation techniques too.

Ellie - West Yorkshire


When I first met Lynda and talked to her, I immediately felt her to be warm and that she genuinely understood what I was going through, which completely put me at ease. Having had her own difficulties in the past she actually listened to my problems rather than just saying 'yes' every now and again. I had been suffering for years and years and expected to be a regular visitor for many sessions, but even just after the first few there was a noticeable improvement in how I felt. It’s up to you to make the changes and help yourself, but it was Lynda who gave me the relaxation techniques and taught me how to be rational in varied situations. I have never, ever, been a good sleeper but after using her relaxation recording each night ,it certainly made a difference to me and I continue to use it - it really does work. I can’t recommend Lynda highly enough. She genuinely cares about you and if you are in a situation and need a little or lots of help please give her a try she is brilliant!

Andy - Ilkley, West Yorkshire



I came to Lynda for help and support around weight management but I realised that she has helped with many aspects of my life that I never knew were an issue. She is warm, friendly and so supportive and I genuinely believe she has changed my life. If I could afford to see her every week I wouldn’t even hesitate to! She is fab and she deserves a medal for what she does!

Larysa - Leeds



Thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Lynda, and have learnt and implemented some great coping techniques. Feel so much better after a short space of time and would highly recommend.

Sue - Otley, West Yorkshire


I found Lynda after  suffering with anxiety on and off for years. After working in the NHS for many years I was aware of the impact and results that clinical hypnotherapy had for patients but I never thought it could work for me. However after suffering with anxiety where my children and husband were worried about me, I decided to do some research and found Lynda. I can only say she’s helped me to transform my life and ‘bring me back’ as my daughters would say. She is so lovely that I felt at ease straight away and knew she would help.  She has the most calming voice. At the start I thought I’d be seeing her for months but after 5 sessions I feel fantastic and have finished my sessions. The audio recording that Lynda sent initially has greatly improved my sleep and I never get to the end of it before I’m in the land of nod. I can’t thank her enough and would not hesitate to contact her again if need be in the future. Thankyou Lynda you're a star!

Pat - Ilkley, West Yorkshire


Working with Lynda has got my children their dad back and my wife her husband back! I was sceptical at first but the techniques work wonders and I couldn’t have wished for any more help. If you're in two minds give it a go! Definitely worth the money to give you your life back.

Byron, Leeds


My husband Andrew had possibly had COVID without actually knowing as a result he ended up suffering with lack of appetite and not wanting to eat and food turning his stomach this turned out to be Parosmia. After doing some research on google and Facebook it turned out he wasn’t the only person suffering with this! It was beginning to bring him down out of the blue on line we found Lynda Phillips who was local to us. I left a message on her answer phone and she promptly rang me straight back. I explained the details of Andrew’s suffering and she was totally understanding and actually took time to see him that evening. Andrew came back feeling understood and on the road to a recovery, after Lynda explained to him what was happening with his brain, slowly after a few weeks, we saw a difference and Andrew was coming back to his old self and gaining his appetite back for his favourite foods. He is now down to his final session next week with Lynda who we can’t recommend enough to people, we feel with out her knowledge and expertise in the field of hypnotherapy, he may not have actually got to the stage he is at now and we will be recommending her to people. Thank you!


Andrew and Angela - Otley, West Yorkshire


I contacted Lynda about my anxiety in which I had suffered with for as long as I remember but at the point of contacting Lynda it was completely taking over my life. From the first meeting with I could feel my mindset changing and for the first time in my life I felt like someone really understood what I was going through without just agreeing with what I was saying. Each session I could see how much the hypnotherapy was helping without me having to make huge changes, it was just happening!! I honestly can’t thank Lynda enough for how she has helped me. I really couldn’t recommend Lynda enough, she really is amazing!!

Sally, Leeds


I was very sceptical about trying hypnotherapy but as I have dieted and used every diet there is lost weight and regained it I had nothing to loose(pardon the pun). Lynda was great right from the start explained things rationally then did the hypnotherapy part. She also supplies a recording to listen too. All I can say is its working. I'm a month in just short of a stone lost. But the difference is I've done it without once nibbling between meals and not been tempted. I also feel so much more contented, happy and settled in myself. I use my relaxation track most nights still. Thank you so much Lynda.

Jan - Burley in Wharfedale, West Yorkshire


I started my hypnotherapy sessions with Lynda at the beginning of October. I this point my anxiety was bad especially health anxiety. I was definitely a skeptic as l have had anxiety for along time and hadn't really looked into hypnotherapy. 6 months on l can now say my anxiety and the way I handle it has dramatically improved. I can now rationalise situations and thoughts and deal with them. This is not something l ever thought l would be able to do, my anxiety was debilitating and completely taking over. With 3 children and work it just seemed impossible some days. If you are struggling like l was then l cannot recommend Lynda enough, she is understanding patient and generally such a lovely person.

Joanna, Leeds


Lynda is amazing! Before I took the step towards hypnotherapy I thought nothing would ever help me. Lynda is such a lovely person who instantly makes you feel comfortable. Hypnotherapy has changed my life. I suffered with depression and anxiety. I started therapy on the 6th of January and had my last session on the 18th of March. The results are so quick and you can see the difference week by week. I highly recommend Lynda if you want to make a positive change to your life.

Paige - Wakefield, West Yorkshire


What can I say? Lynda is completely amazing. At first I was quite sceptical as not tried anything like this before. Lynda put me completely at ease and even after the first session I felt completely different and the weight started coming off. At the end of my sessions I realised that my weight was not the cause of my issues but my inner thoughts and as soon as they had been dealt with a felt a different person. Thank you Lynda!

Debbie - Yeadon, West Yorkshire


I can't thank Lynda enough for helping me think and feel more positive. Her audio track has changed my life so much. To go from such a low depressive point to how positive I'm feeling today, is a massive achievement and it's honestly down to Lynda for helping me learn how to believe in myself and to strengthen my mind. She's a miracle worker. Highly recommended!

Suzi, South Wales


Before starting hypnotherapy I was extremely anxious and apprehensive about everything. I felt like I was in such a rut and couldn’t piece together why. Eight sessions down the line I can honestly say it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

I am feeling so much happier and content in my life. Lynda made me feel so welcome straight away which made the whole process even easier. I can’t recommend or thank Lynda enough for everything she has helped me with.

Anna, Leeds



"Lynda is a lovely, kind and calm individual who immediately puts you at ease and seems to instinctively know the best course of action to take and techniques to use. My 10 year old has had a number of sessions with her and the difference to his confidence and positivity has been wonderful to see and has resulted in a much more harmonious house. They also worked on exam nerves together, due to an upcoming test for which he was extremely nervous, but now he’s much more relaxed about it and, in fact, hasn’t even mentioned it for several weeks. Lynda spends part of her sessions explaining how the brain works and was fantastic at conveying the information in a child friendly manner and my son actively looked forward to his weekly session.


I am so pleased to have discovered Lynda as she has made such a positive improvement to our child’s happiness, positivity and confidence. I would, therefore, wholeheartedly recommend Lynda Phillips Clinical Hypnotherapy for all manner of issues."

Nicola - Harrogate, North Yorkshire


"I cannot recommend Lynda highly enough. My 15 year old daughter was experiencing panic attacks and a lot of negative feelings brought on by pressure of exams at school, some events in our family and the general situation we are living through with the pandemic. She agreed to see Lynda once for a trial session (she actually called it another one of my hippy ideas)!  


Lynda made my daughter feel relaxed and at ease and I left them alone for the session and waited outside. This was an opportunity for my daughter to talk to Lynda and tell her how she was really feeling and what was worrying her. Although I'm very close to my daughter, I think it was good for her to be able to speak openly to somebody outside of our family without fear of causing any upset. During the session, Lynda explained the science behind hypnotherapy and why it is so successful. 


My daughter came out of that first session feeling a little bit better, but very much embracing the ideas behind Lynda's hypnotherapy and happy to continue seeing Lynda for more sessions. In total she had 5 sessions and her mood improved rapidly. 


After the first couple of sessions, Lynda taught my daughter some techniques for dealing with that panic in exams, etc. and when my daughter sat her first set of Year 10 exams earlier this month, she was like a different girl. She didn't panic and so she didn't make silly mistakes and was able to think clearly about her answers. This showed in her excellent results and school report.


Now, my daughter has finished her course with Lynda. She's so much more positive. She holds herself better and is giggling and happy again. She no longer considers herself to be a negative thinker. She is also a real advocate for Lynda and Hypnotherapy and has a real interest in how our brains work and how our thinking affects our lives. Thank you Lynda!"

R - Ripon, North Yorkshire


"Lynda has a warm, calm, kind and reassuring but professional approach. since beginning my sessions I now understand how my mind works better and can make sense of my difficulties - I've had a few 'light bulb moments!' Our sessions focus me on the positives which help me to keep focused all week. I love my sessions, it's real 'me' time. My sleep has improved so much since my sessions with Lynda, I wish I'd have found this support sooner, it's been brilliant.!"

Jenny - an online Hypnotherapy Client.


"I contacted Lynda to help me kick my vaping habit and I'm amazed! Day 1 after the session I carried my vape around and did use it twice (out of habit) but didn't enjoy it like I used to at all. Day 2 I stopped carrying it around with me and I just don't want it! I feel so positive about the future and keep repeating things from the session - I don't vape! Thank you!"


J - Yeadon, West Yorkshire 


"Thank you, thank you! I'm not sure you realise how much help you have been to me and I am very grateful!"

K - Menston, West Yorkshire


"I came to see Lynda to help me get over a phobia of heights. My dad was poorly some years back and ever since I've dreamed of taking part in a charity sky dive to raise funds for the charity that supported him during that time. But, I'd always been too scared to do it - even just the thought of climbing a ladder made my palms go sweaty and my knees go weak. Lynda helped me to overcome my fears and, although my skydive plans have been put on hold due to COVID-19, I can't wait to complete my skydive as soon as I can!  Thank you Lynda!"

R - Otley, West Yorkshire


"Thank you so much for helping me find some head space - it's made such a huge difference for me!"

S - Menston, West Yorkshire


"Where do I start with this amazing journey and experience? I had been living on Kalms tablets pretty much for a couple of years which did help initially, however this anxiety was increasing and even though I knew what the trigger was for my anxiety it was starting to affect me at work and my personal life. 


I did some background reading about this type of therapy, while carrying this out I came across Lynda’s advert for hypnotherapy. When we met I felt comfortable straight away, I listened to Lynda about the treatment, the benefits of hypnotherapy and her explanation of what was happening in my brain and body. Lynda was caring, supportive and communicated everything so clearly. I could tell how passionate she was about how effective this treatment could be for these types of issues. I started to believed this could be effective for the anxiety I was experiencing and had some benefit from the first session. 


In total I had about seven sessions and I was very dedicated to listening to the relaxation recording in between my sessions with Lynda. I could start to see major changes and improvement with my health after about the fourth session. I stopped needing Kalms tablets on a daily basis, my sleep was better quality and I woke up with energy, I felt calmer and more confident in my approaches with every aspect in my life. The palpitations and physical symptoms I had endured when facing the issue that originally caused my anxiety had stopped. It has been 7 months since my sessions with Lynda have finished, I still feel the long term benefits to this type of therapy and have not had any set backs and even if I do I feel I have the tools and knowledge now of what to do."

Female, aged 44, Nurse - West Yorkshire

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